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If your roof is older. (Possibly halfway through it’s expected life term.)

If you notice dark dirty areas/stains on your roof.

If you’re missing shingles.

If you have interior water damage .

If you have granules or sand in driveway or around downspout runoff areas.

You can file a hail/wind claim if you have enough damage or cash pay is an option. We don’t recommend using 25 year roofing shingles. The most common type we install are 30 year laminated composition shingles. 

We also install metal, tile, rolled roofing, and TPO.

Not necessarily. You can have a problem area in your roof and still have a perfectly functioning roof system. Sometimes a vent or flashing needs to be replaced and that’s it!

I would highly discourage homeowners repairing or replacing their own roofs. Roofing can be very costly between materials and labor, and if you make the situation worse that bottom line can grow exponentially.

You can get the full 30 years out of a laminated composition shingle, but with the amount of storms and weathering we generally see, roofs last 15-20 years before we recommend replacement. Different environmental factors can affect this such as trees (shading/UV protection for roofs) wind, and storm recurrence.

Ask us for a recommendation based off of where you live, the size of your home, and your budget. You contact us for a free estimate on your roof project.

We have a 5 year workmanship guarantee for any mechanical issues (non storm related).

It depends on how out of hand it has become. Sometimes vegetation and lichens can attach themselves to roofing shingles and cause extensive damage over time through growth and expansion. We can assess the current condition and provide you a report of our findings to help you decide on next steps.